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Dermal Filler


This injectable dermal Filler is developed for minimally-invasive plastic surgery. It is suitable for smoothing fine lines or deep wrinkles such as nasolabial folds and frown lines. It also applicable to restore a fuller appearance of the face including cheek augmentation, nose or tear ducts.

Main component:

The main components are an aquatic animal collagen and hydroxyapatite complexes.
Collagen is an important protein in human body. It maintains skin elasticity and preserves moisture. It can rapidly fill the lost volume under the skin. Hydroxyapatite contains small particles that act as a scaffold under the skin and stimulates the nature collagen production. Combining the advantages of both, Dermal Filler can smoothen  wrinkles and fill up the lost volume thus resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.


2.Easy handling and use
4.With biocompatibility

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