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Aongen™ Collagen Membrane


Aongen™Collagen Membrane is a collagen based resorbable and cell-occlusive barrier membrane, which is used in
guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures in dental surgery.

Additionally, Aongen™ CollagneMembrane is indicated for GTR and GBR including:
1) Periodontal bone defects,
2) Ridge augmentation for alveolar bone defect,
3) Reconstruction for peri-implant defect,  
4) Ridge preservation for socket extraction, and
5) Maxillary sinus augmentation.

Main components:

The Aongen™ Collagen Membrane is cross-linked of ≥90% lyophilized, porcine collagen and ≤10% glycosaminoglycans.


1.Cell occlusive
3.With biocompatibility
4.Thin membrane
5.Good flexibility and adherence
6.Easy handling for surgery

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